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Why To Certify

In this Why to Certify segment the company states the benefits of getting certified by Myloanbazaar. The below mentioned guidelines signifies the advantage of being certified by the company. People entitled to share the certification benefits include Builder, Seller, Purchaser, Owner and Bank.


Once the builders are certified by the company they are entitled to take advantage of the benefits laid by myloanbazaar. The benefits are as follows:

    Increasing the confidence among the clients enhancing purchase for their projects.

    Increasing sales of the varied projects.

    Enabling the Banks and Financial Institutions to finance the projects.

    Creating confidence among banks and financial institutions in order to finance the individual purchaser.

    Increased credibility in the market after getting certified projects.

    Advertising for free in our site for duration of 6 months.

Home Loan Interest Rate

How to get the best home loan? Simple, compare all the home loans available in the market and evaluate their interest rates. That’s why you should visit MyLoanBazar.com  and find a loan that suits your requirements.

As interest rates vary for different banks, you should assess all the products in the market to get the one that suits your budget and repayment capacity. By comparing and evaluating the interest rates offered by different banks, you can surely make a better decision.

Based on your interest rates knowledge, you can also calculate your EMI. More so, it’s the interest rates which decide your total amount and tenure of payment. As a result, you should be careful about interest rates as it will have a huge bearing on your home loan and its total cost to you.   

More so, you will have two types of interest rates to select from:

   Fixed interest rates

   Floating interest rates


Fixed interest rates will remain constant right through the repayment duration while the floating interest rates will depend upon the existing market scenario and governmental policy.     

At MyLoanBazar.com  , you get interest rates listed from all banks and lending institutions together with their corresponding interest rates. So, analyze them and take informed decision!  


Below are the certain benefits offered to the sellers after being certified by Myloanbazaar

    It becomes easy to sell out your property once it is certified by Myloanbazaar.

    The company also provides assistance to deal with any kind of problem related to documentation.

    Myloanbazar certification increases the value of your property as compared to other uncertified properties.

    Mylaonbazar certification allows the seller to get a bank loan at a convenience.

    Also it becomes easy for the purchaser to ask for a loan against property as the property offered is certified by Myloanbazaar.

    Purchaser will get the loan easily as the property is myloanbazar.com certified.



The Purchaser certified by Myloanbazaar is entitled to share the below mentioned benefits as per the company norms

    Assisting and solving any problem related to the documentation of ownership.

    As the property is certified by myloanbazar.com it allows the Purchaser to buy the property with confidence.

    Increasing the value of your property in order to resale it in nearer future as compared to other uncertified properties.

    Allowing the user to get loan easily without any legal hassle due to   myloanbazar.com certificate.



The owners certified with Myloanbazar shares the following benefits:

    Allows you to find out any kind of problem regarding ownership documentation and providing suitable solution related to the problem.

    It becomes easy to sell out your property because of the myloan bazar.com certification.

    Increases your property value in comparison to other uncertified properties.

    It becomes easy to get loan from banks as and when required.


The benefits shared by the Banks are as follows:

    The certification brings surety against the property which is to be financed. 

    Increases chances to get legally cleared property.

    Reduces the expense and hassle usually required to get property legal clearance.

    To know about the builder project details in case of builder project finance.

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