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Foreign Debt

Foreign Funding is a mutual fund, closed-end fund or exchange-traded fund that invests in companies located outside of the investor's country of residence.  

Also known as an "international fund." 

Foreign funds offer individual investors access to international markets. Investing abroad poses risks, but can also help investors diversify their portfolios. 

It is important to recognize the difference between global funds and foreign funds. Global funds can invest in securities from any country, including the investor's home country provides excellent arrangements for Foreign Currency Loans (ECB) at lowest rates of interest for entrepreneur's having sound track record. We provide complete legal documentation on all the matters connecting with foreign currency loans. Entrepreneur's interested in setting up power projects, infrastructure projects and projects sourcing plant & machinery ETC

Myloanbazar provides solution to the following :

* If your business burdened with huge interest payments on your corporate debts.

* If your company defaulted on its interest payments to banks/Financial Institutions and categorised as a Non Performing asset.

* If your Industry vertical been categorised at least priority for Funding by Banks and Financial Institutions.

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