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Small Saving 

Small saving schemes are for those individuals who want to save small amount on a regular basis to grow their wealth. These schemes are fit for those who want to a short-term saving plan to grow their money. Small saving schemes are an attractive investment option and they are available through branches of India Post or post office branches and bank branches.    

Small savings schemes are a risk-free investment option for people of India. Under small saving schemes, there are different of plans where one can invest in including Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (MIS), National Saving Certificate (NSC), Post Office Time Deposit Scheme, Senior Citizen Scheme and Post Office Saving Account. These schemes offer a great opportunity to get good returns and enhance the wealth.

Small saving schemes are of a duration of 5 years or more and they carry an interest rates of 8% per annum or even above. They are an attractive investment option for anyone who does not have a big amount to invest and rather wants small amounts to invest in a systematic and gradual manner.

At  , you can search, compare and select from some of best small saving schemes to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. Compare saving plans from top banks and select the best one. Find all details, features and benefits related to small saving schemes and lay a solid financial foundation for a safe and secure future.

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