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Business Loan

Do you want to expand your existing business? And above all, do you want to sustain the day to day operations of your business? To meet all these requirements, you will need a business loan. Such a loan is available to any individual or entity to help them with their business. 

Business loan is an unsecured loan so it does not need any security or collateral or guarantor. Such loans are offered based on the sustainability and profitability of the business for which the loan is sought. Anyone who is capable of repayment is entitled to get a business loan sanctioned. It does not matter whether one has a small shop or run a big factory, anyone can apply for a business loan. 

At, we understand the value of a business loan and therefore we help you search compare select loans from top banks and financial Institutions. Visit our portal, compare business loans from different banks and select the one that suits the requirement in the best possible way.  

Business Loan India is one the best ways to deal with your financial requirements necessary to run a business. The business loan deals with the monetary business requirements enhancing you to know the potential and growth of the business. The Business Loan in India offers you a chance to raise the funds for managing the expenses necessary for the growth and success of a business. The Business loan in India is offered by a number of Banks prevailing at reasonable interest rates. The interest rate is determined by the respective Bank as per its norms and conditions. The one rule of interest is applicable to all the Banks that is, if the risk factor is high then the interest rate is high and if the risk factor is less than the interest rate will be less. 

Business Loan → Compare

Want the cheapest possible business loan? Go and compare interest rates charged by different banks for business loans. Interest rates will vary from bank to bank. It means, you can select the lowest possible rates to get the best loan. However, first of all, you have to analyze the interest rates offered by different banks. You should know that the interest rate will remain fixed for the entire duration of the loan. 

At, we give you an opportunity to search select and compare interest rates offered by different banks and financial institution for your business loan. So, all you need to do is, just find out which bank has the lowest rates. Visit our portal and compare interest rates to understand your loan better and get the best from the lot. Don't make a hurry, take your time and compare before applying for the loan. 

Business Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates matter a lot when you plan to avail loan against property. Rates offered by banks or financial institutions tend to vary and as a result, it impacts loan amount and repayment amount. In a way, your loan against property depends a lot on the kind of interest rates offered by banks and therefore, you should take a great care in selection of the loan.

At  , we give you an opportunity to search, compare and select from all the available loans against property plans in the market. Compare interest rates and benefits offered by top banks and institutions. Compare benefits and evaluate different terms and get the best loan against your property.

How will you get the cheapest business loan? Or, where will you find the best business loan? You won't find the best loan unless you know about all the existing loans in the market. It is therefore important to have a detailed understanding of business loans offered by different banks and financial institutions. Only after comparing all the loans, one can be able to get the best from the lot. 

At, we bring to you the opportunity to compare business loans offered by different banks and institutions. Compare interest rates, EMI, penalties and other charges linked with the loan. The comparison will give you better understanding of the business loan you are planning to get. You can evaluate your business loan on different parameters and in this way, you can get the best!

Business Loan - EMI

How much will you have to pay at the end up every month if you availed a business loan? Or, how will you know whether you can afford the loan or not? Simply put, we have to calculate the EMI to know the cost of the loan. Without knowing the EMI, you won't be able to understand the total worth of the loan. 

At, we understand the importance of EMI and we also understand its value for you. We bring to you an EMI calculator and help your know your monthly amount that you have to pay at the end of every month. Just fill in few basic details and within second, you will get the amount you need to repay every month for your loan.

Visit our portal, know your loan EMI and plan your loan in a better way. We help you find the lowest possible repayment amount and maximum possible loan amount. With us, you are assured of the best possible business loan for sure.

Business Loan - Documents

Business loans are easy and simple to get provided you meet the eligibility criteria. More so, it becomes easier to get the loan once you possess all the documents. You should know that all banks require more or less similar kind of documents to offer you a business loan. Without documents, it would not be possible for you to get any loan, including the business loan.

Let’s look at documents required for a business loan:  

    You need to submit ID and address proof documents  

    You need to submit documents related to the continuity of the business

    Bank statements of last 6 months 

    You need to submit ITR & Statement of Computation of Income for 2 years 

    Profit / loss statement from a certified audit form  

    Ownership proof of residence or office

Visit to know more about the documents required for a business loan.

Business Loan - Process

Process involved for a Business Loan

The Process involved for a home loan in India is not so complex. Presently, the Business Loan scheme is offered by numerous banks for the customers desiring to raise money. The legal process required for a Business Loan in India may vary from Bank to Bank but the basic criteria remains the same. The process involved for a Business Loan includes:

-After the submission of the application form a discussion is held between the bank officials and the applicant.

-Verification of the documents submitted by the applicant where the bank officials cross checks the information by making a visit to the workplace and residence of the applicant.

-Checking the track records of the applicant in terms of credibility. 

-If the Bank is providing loan for a fresh firm then in such cases the personal track records of the applicant are verified by the bank. 

-A sanctioned letter is approved by the bank specifying the required terms and conditions. 

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