I have tried to open the Myloanbazar loan link, but it's not running, what should I do?

In such a case, you can:

» Re-open the link
» Try a different browser
» Check the internet connection
» Please click on www.myloanbazar.in/loan. If the issue still persists, write to us at info@myloanbazar.in

What are the fundamentals or essentials to avail a Myloanbazar loan?

» The customer should be a Citizen of India.
» Should have valid e-mail address and a mobile number.
» A functional webcam with Internet connection.
» Valid Aadhaar card with Authenticated details.
» Personal Bank account details and Net Banking details.

Which documents are required to be eligible for a Myloanbazar loan?

» Aadhaar card
» Address Proof, in case the current address is different from the one mentioned in your Aadhaar card.
» PAN Card
» Salary Slip
» Photo
» Loan agreement
» NACH Form

Can I apply for a Myloanbazar through my mobile phone?

Yes, you can apply through mobile.

Is Myloanbazar Loan website compatible with all types of mobile phones?

Yes, it is compatible.

What is the least and max limit of Myloanbazar loan amount?

Rs.500 to Rs.3000/-

What is the interest rate for Myloanbazar Loan?

0.07% per day

How many EMIs would be needed to repay Myloanbazar loan?

Only for one time payment of principal alongwith interest and 60 days to 180 days

How much time it takes to approve a Myloanbazar loan?

8 hrs to 24 hrs

How much time it takes in money disbursement?

After completion of formalities, it takes 30 minutes to disburse the loan amount. All loans transferred online to your given account.

Can an existing customer of Myloanbazar can apply for a Myloanbazar loan?

Yes, all Myloan group customers,associates can apply for the loan.

On the basis of which address (Current/Permanent), the Myloanbazar loan will be approved?

Loan will be approved on the basis of Currernt Address.

Which browsers are compatible for Myloanbazar website?

Our website can be accessed by the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox.

I'm unemployed right now, am I eligible to apply for a Myloanbazar loan?

In order to apply for a Myloanbazar loan, it is important that the customer is salaried.

Will I receive different OTP on mobile and e-mail?

Yes, you will receive different otp for mobile and email.

What would happen if I do not get an OTP on my email or mobile phone?

It is advisable to wait for at least 5-7 minutes, if you still don't receive it then click on re-send button.

What is the procedure to re-login to the account?

In order to re-login the account, the customer's e-mail id will be the username and the password provided in your registered mail id shall be used as password.

My current address is not similar as mentioned in my Aadhar card. What I am supposed to do?

In such case, it is important that customer fills in the current address and upload an address proof as per the document list to confirm the address details.

Can I modify my loan amount information?

The loan amount can be edited at the amount selection stage.

I am receiving a note 'your loan application couldn't be submitted', what I am supposed to do?

Please check your internet connection and try again. If it still doesn't work, please write to us on info@myloanbazar.in

Why my Myloanbazar loan application has been rejected?

The customer's loan application can be rejected if any of the submitted field is not correct or not meeting our loan policy. The customer can however re apply after 30 days.

My mobile number is not linked with Aadhaar card, can I continue with the Myloanbazar loan application?

In order to complete the loan formalities, it is necessary that customer's mobile number is linked with Aadhaar card.

What is the time limit for getting OTP for Aadhaar card verification, email id and mobile number?

For mobile and e-mail ID, OTP will be sent in 1 minute.

I am not using net-banking through my bank account, am I still eligible to apply for the Myloanbazar loan?

No, in order to apply for a loan online, net banking is important

Is this possible that I can use someone else's bank account.

No, Only the borrower's account can be entertained

My system got shut down while I was filling the Myloanbazar loan application

You can re-login and complete your saved application with same credentials.

How much time it will take for credit the specific amount into my account?

The loan amount approval time is 8-24 hrs. The amount will be disbursed twice a day at 11 am and 5.30 pm for documents received at 10 am and 4.30 pm respectively.

Do you guys pay out an instant Myloanbazar loan in 7 days a week?

We disburse loan 365 days irrespective of holidays,Sundays etc.

Can I exclude my loan prior to the tenure?

Yes. Foreclose will be available with interest for the full period opted at the time of loan application and sanctioned.

Is free-look alternative is available in Myloanbazar loan?


What is final agreement?

The final agreement includes the customer's loan summary, his application form and Myloanbazar terms and conditions to which the customer has agreed upon while applying for a loan.

When can I apply again for the Myloanbazar loan after first approved disbursal?

Immediately after closer of last loan.

I have successfully completed all the steps, although I didn't receive any clue or hint concerning loan approvals and disbursal.

Please log in to your account and proceed.

What if the amount is not paid out within the specified time limit?

Please write to us info@myloanbazar.in